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Art imitates life.  Life imitates art.  Either way, one inspires the other.  Being a perfectionist in all aspects of my life carried over into my artistry as well.  I am a classically trained pianist, which requires technical perfection.  I was a violinist, which requires perfect pitch.  I avoided all forms of art that required freedom of expression.  I held myself to a standard of perfection in painting, and therefore limited myself to realism.  My husband challenged me to try my hand at abstract.  The thought terrified me!  If I could plan it, draw it out, stay within the lines...maybe.  After several months of consistent encouragement, I decided to dive in.  I researched for weeks, looking at as many examples of abstract art I could find.  I finally decided I was adequately inspired, and so I planned my color palette...and I gathered the nerve to attempt it. This would be a labor of love, and it would be a gift to my husband.  Once the canvas was in front of me, I felt paralyzed.  What if I messed it up?  What if it didn't turn out the way I had planned?  Art imitates life.  I had messed up...over and over again in life. Life had not turned out the way I had planned.  It was messy.  It was hard.  But it had turned out beautifully...unplanned.  It took me nearly an hour to finally develop enough courage to put my brush to the canvas.  I thought I had a plan, but as the brush moved on the canvas, mixing the paints, it began changing before my eyes, and it didn't look like anything I had carefully designed in my mind...and I loved it.  It wasn't perfect, but it didn't have to be.  It was pure expression, and the most freedom I have felt artistically...ever.  It sparked a fire in me.  As a result, I eventually moved on to painting what most of you recognize me for...the semi-realism animal series, which all include a nod to my love of abstract.  Life imitates art.  I get it now.  I owe a debt of gratitude to my husband for his constant encouragement, love and support, and for helping me to believe that perfection lies in imperfection.  I hope that you enjoy my artistic, non-perfect expressions.  Please browse my gallery.  

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